What To Look For In An Online Law Degree?

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Earning a degree online is one of the most popular things searched for today. It is no surprise; the world has changed a lot with the birth of the Internet. People now work and live lives that do not often comply with the strict schedules people followed just 20 years ago. Many people are now even working at home through the Internet. So it is no surprise that many interested in law would want to earn an online law degree. Besides, the online degree programs allow you to use different academic writing services for help in studying.

It seems though that the American bar Association is not as quick to embrace this change. It currently refuses to accredit any distance based law programs. Thus, if your goal with your online law degree was to serve as an attorney your options are limited. You can however, earn a degree online that is approved by the Committee of Bar Examiners of the State of California, which will allow you to practice law in both the state of California and in a federal court if you pass the California bar exam. Still have your heart set on practicing law in your home state? Well, after practicing law for 5 to 7 years in California you will generally be eligible to take the bar exam in your own state.

If you do not plan to be a lawyer, then the ABA’s approval is not a major issue for you. You can pursue a Juris Doctor on an Executive Track, which often cuts a full year off the time it takes to complete. An Executive Track online law degree can be earned in three years, or possibly less. This degree, if is it from a respected and accredited school (accreditation here means a regional accrediting body), can open up opportunities for you in the business world not available to anyone who does not hold an advanced degree in law.

Be aware that some potential employers may hold a bias against online degree programs. It is human nature to be skeptical of what we do not know or understand, and not everyone is familiar with online law school degree programs and may believe them all to be inferior. While this is certainly not the case, convincing your employer otherwise might be a different story. It is the best course of action to choose an online law degree program which is offered by the same school and/or department as a traditional classroom program. Established traditional schools may also have a scholarship and grant you will be eligible for, regardless of whether you plan to attend any classes in person or not.