The Revision Process

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I don’t want you guys to think revision means I give my essay to five ten different people to read and and weigh in and share their thoughts that’s not what revision is yes you can have an individual that you trust as an alum of the school to to weigh in or someone who loves you very very well to be able to give you an additional perspective to just check for any blind spots or anything that you can add to strengthen the application when I say revision I’m often talking about something I’ve seen a lot of applicants do which is the tendency to want to write a lot and to think that I’ve got to add so much in here write less is always more so when you’re revising the equipment really is to find ways to pare things down so I’ve seen a million capable not a million but a ton of cases where applicants have written an essay is about 1200 words.

And when it’s been cut down and sharpened and sharpened and sharpened through the revision process it’s cutting out the fat and just keeping like the best of the meat you know it you have a much richer much more powerful leadership essay so make sure that you also don’t go over this process but make sure you invest in the revision process and it might mean that you you know you write the essay once you’re happy with where it is and as you’re getting guidance from a trusted friend or an admissions coach who knows what they’re doing you’re now able to get it to a place where you’re really happy with it I would advise you to hold off from submitting it just put it aside and sleep on it you know like move on to other things and then maybe you can start working on other aspects of application or another school and then their time away from it can also like bring a little bit more you know clarity and help you to sharpen it even further okay so that’s the four steps now I want to just touch on elements of what a good leadership essay must have okay.

It needs to review your personal brand it goes without saying obviously I’m biased you know that is at the core of you know what we teach our clients at expires and a lot of people don’t understand what personal branding is I think it’s window dressing they’d not be they don’t know what it is and so they think is a superficial thing and they gloss over it or they sort of poopoo the idea and their gods not important but they don’t really know what they don’t fully understand what they’re talking about I’m telling you based on 20 years of the industry and incredible evidence with so many reapplication applied to the most selective business schools in the world get in and nothing is different about their story in terms of the GMAT score the GPA nothing changes other than they have a clear sense of what a personal brand is.