Setting Achievements For Paper

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While writing research paper you’ve got to ask yourself some questions like can I build some criteria to sort of say if I have all of this stuff and that’s enough to prove this thing or maybe all of this stuff is not enough to put this thing right but at least you’re sort of creating a foundation you’re setting a benchmark you’re setting it up in such a way that maybe you can try to achieve this so let me give you an example again going back to the social loafing example let’s say that you’re looking at certain case studies right and in this you’re trying to establish criteria like if I see examples of people who are not doing all the work they’re supposed to do right that can be defined a social loan that’s how I’m gonna define social loping is defined that way in the literature. Discover other articles about writing research papers at Edusson.

I see that happening in this case then I’ll know that that’s alleged in the case of that happen you know if I see this kind of behavior over here like these people who are doing all the work I’m going to call those people diligent honestly so I know that that’s happening too right and so then if I see these you know if I see certain statements from these people like from the social loafers you know I don’t feel like I can compete with these people over here who’s doing too much you know I mean you set up these sort of things like if I hear these kinds of things then it would lend credence to the fact that this is what’s really happening in this case ok let’s say that you’re doing let’s just pick another example maybe I don’t know give me somebody give me your thesis like what what are you trying to explain ethics in the workplace can only be regulated by policy in particular okay all right so you’re trying to explain epochs in the workplace and policy procedures trying to be Thanks okay so so you’re competing with these theories when it’s not just policies and procedures right.

It could also just sort of be like you know it’s the ethics in my heart and I’m all self regulated as opposed to policies and procedures or something right I mean this anyway another approach that would be a competing argument of that well what you want to do is let’s say that you know you’re looking at let’s say you’re doing case studies right and maybe you’ve got some case studies that say that that illustrate a company that has just sort of a you know do-it-yourself sort of approach to ethics you trust the person to sort of make that decision and then you look at maybe a couple of other case studies where they have policies and procedures in place okay and then maybe you’re you’re talking about cases where ethics were violated right so here’s a couple of cases of ethics violations in this scenario and a couple of situations of ethics violations mr. right and then you say okay well in this case if ethics were violated in these two cases over here and there were no policies and procedures what does that tell us there wasn’t any ethical motivator.