Introducing Ideas in Essay

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Paraphrasing in essay means we’re not being creative we’re not giving our opinion we’re just rewriting those two sides in a single sentence let me show you mine so from here this is my second sentence while some people think that human labor will eventually become completely obsolete others maintain that robots will never be able to perform certain jobs this says exactly the same thing is this some people believe that eventually all work will be done by robots others believe that there is a limit to the tasks that robots can perform.

I want you to rewrite that sentence in your own words to mean the exact same thing rewrite this one here I’ll give you two minutes because this is a complex sentence too right remember not to give your opinion I don’t want to hear your opinion in this I just want you to rewrite that one more minute left make sure you capture the same meaning don’t write something different that’s two minutes that should be plenty of time to write that sentence so what have we done here well the first two sentences of your essay¬†college essay help nz that the first two sentences of your introduction have not been creative we have also not given our opinion all we have done is rewrite the general statement and rewrite or briefly mention both sides of the argument really we’ve just rewritten that second sentence and what this does is it creates a bit of a funnel because we start off roared.

With our first sentence introducing the idea of artificial intelligence and work and the workforce and then we drill down a bit closer and we say that some people think that robots will completely take over the workforce while others believe that certain jobs will not be able to be taken over fine so we’re drilling down again we haven’t given our opinion yet the third sentence we move into our our opinion here so what’s the third sentence of the introduction well we give our overall opinion and this is where we choose a team we choose a side the blue side or the red side and we have to decide we do we think that eventually all work will be done by robots or but we’re going to say that there will be a limit to the task that robots can perform now this choice is up to you.

But just for this lesson I think it’s easier if we we all go on the blue side and it’s a depressing side but let’s just do it anyway it’s a bit of fun we’re going to argue today that eventually all work will be done by robots fine it’s probably not the most logical one but let’s do it anyway so give your overall opinion eventually all work will be done by robots so this is where I use this little phrase here this essay will discuss why and then I just simply rewrite this this essay will discuss why robots will eventually be able to perform any function and will therefore replace all human jobs.