How To Get An LLB Law Degree

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What is an LLB Degree

An LLB law degree is a bachelor of laws degree, or in other words, the first law degree to get. The degree is still used in the UK and in Canada as well as some other countries in the world, but in the US it has now been replaced with the Juris Doctor Degree, or JD, since the 1960s. The JD degree offers the student a doctorate title while the LLB is a bachelor. The Juris Doctor degree program you take must be at a school accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA) in order to be eligible to take your bar when you finish. if you are a full time student, you are encouraged to dedicate most of your time to the program and can’t even take an outside job for more than 20 hours per week. It is an intensive, difficult program that is your stepping stone to a legal career.

How Can you Obtain a Law Degree

To get into an LLB program, you need to complete an exam that tests your competency and knowledge in a set of specific subjects. You are then eligible to go for your 4 year law degree that will go over the basics that will be on your bar exam, like civil and government procedures, legal methods, contracts, criminal justice, constitutional law, torts, personal property and legal writing. Some programs even give you the opportunity to take part in a legal internship, clinical studies or participate in government situations, counseling, legislative drafting or court trials once you are a second or this year student. If you already hold a degree in another subject, some places even offer an accelerated LLB program that allows you to complete your studies in 2 years.

Career Prospects

When someone has obtained an LLB degree, they then need to pass their bar exam in order to practice law in their state. Once that is completed, there are many career options to pursue, like an attorney, a notary, an advocate, family or state advocate, a legal advisor, a public prosecutor or a magistrate. If you prefer to specialize in a particular type of law like commercial, immigration, divorce, business or tax, you should then go for your LLM or masters of law degree to open up many specialized career paths. You could even further your education to become a judge with an LLB as a base. Attaining your LLB law degree is an essential part of beginning any career in the legal field and is the first step to achieving further degrees and accolades.